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Pablo and Hannah run Forest Life and RiverLife Retreats


Pablo served in the British Army for 12 years. There he picked up the rudiments of living off the land, field craft skills and a few survival and tracking skills.

For most of his service he was a Physical Training Instructor and specialised in expedition leading and adventure training. After leaving the forces, he carried on these survival and wilderness skills as a pastime but related them more to watching wildlife. He uses bushcraft, tracking and field craft skills to get as close as he can to wildlife.

Wildlife and Tracking:

Pablo is a life-long wildlife and tracking enthusiast. He was an instructor with Shadowhawk Tracking School and has travelled to Southern Africa to learn tracking from the Ju’/Hoansi, Southern Africa’s indigenous Hunter Gatherer people and expert trackers. Pablo teaches tracking, bushcraft, wilderness living, wilderness immersion and nature awareness courses at his UK-based company Woodlife in association with   Read more

Forensic Tracking:

Pablo’s second career was in law enforcement and culminated in him being a senior detective in a UK law enforcement agency. This has given him the background to pursue tracking not just as a past-time but as a professional forensic tracker.


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Bushcraft is utilising natural resources where appropriate to make life easier more comfortable in the outdoors. The Bushcraft ethos of working closer to nature suits Pablo’s easy going attitude to the outdoors. It also helps him get closer to nature.

Teaching Training and Instructing:

Pablo Tracking

Pablo has a Master’s degree in Learning and Development and a Cert Ed. He is a qualified NVQ assessor and is qualified to teach and assess the National Teaching standard Training and Education (QCF) Levels 3, 4 & 5.

This experience enables Pablo to lead Corporate and other Educational groups on developmental and educational programmes.


Pablo is the regular article writer for having articles published since 2009

Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine is available at all good newsagents including WH Smiths.

Pablo has had an article on “Ticks” published in “Traditional Naturopathic Remedies and Tips”by Roderick Lane , M.D and has contributed to the current version of the Scouting Manual published by Haynes.


Pablo is an enthusiastic and motivational speaker especially regarding nature awareness, wilderness living, and tracking.

He has been keynote speaker at many events as well as speaking at various outdoor shows including the Wilderness Gathering and Bushcraft show. See more…

Hannah has experience and product knowledge of training, events, hospitality and tourism.

She also has an excellent operational knowledge of business development management and venue management.

Previous roles have included Business Development Manager for the Scouts Association, Guest Services Coordinator Gilwell Park and Visitor Experience Team Leader National Trust. 

She previously ran a tree-surgery business. She has a BA (Hons) in Travel and Tourism Management.

Hannah is a qualified massage therapist (ITec Level 3 Diploma and BTec Level 5 Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Massage) and runs RiverLife Therapy as a business. She also works part-time as an attested Forest Keeper in Epping Forest, UK

She is also a qualified yoga instructor having studied under Yogrishi Vishvketu in the Himalayas.

Hannah is currently studying nutrition and will shortly be qualified to provide nutrition and dietary advice.


Hannah loves the outdoors and is a keen wild-camper, bushcrafter and tracker. She is an instructor for Woodlife and is currently completing her Level 4 Diploma in Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History with Woodlife.

She is a also a keen sports-woman and lists mountain climbing, ice-climbing, hockey and canoeing amongst her outdoor activities.