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Camping and Wildcamping options (various options available)

Various camping & wild camping options as an alternative to or in addition to the main Mill House accommodation. Options include:

Glamping – Luxury bell tent camping on the plateau (electric points available)

Large family tent camping on the plateau or in meadow

Small tent camping beside the river or field

Wildcamping (hammock, bivvi or tarp in the wildwood)


Wildcamping can be described as camping with the minimum of equipment.

Minimal shelter might include a “bivi” bag or a tarp over your sleeping bag. Hammock camping is ideal for sleeping off the ground perhaps where the ground is damp or there is a slope making it less than ideal for a tent.

The great advantage of wildcamping is how close to nature and the environment you can become.

There are a number of areas on the property ideally suited to wild camping, especially hammock camping; namely the Wildwoods and the Mill Woods.

We have hammocks and tarps you can rent.

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