The Riverside

The River Gourbillon runs along the side of the Mill House and extends for a quarter of a mile along the edge of the property through some woodland and alongside the meadow. There are plenty of opportunities to view the river along this stretch and there’s some excellent camping opportunities right by the water’s edge. The river is fast flowing but it is not too deep.

The Meadow

The Meadow is an area of rough pasture and more than suitable for larger tents or tipis being flat and dry. The wide strip of meadow has woodland on one side and the river on the other. There is an excellent opportunity to camp in a couple of small tents right on the rivers edge.

The Plateau

The Plateau (or Plateau des Etoiles – Plateau of the Stars) is a large piece of level ground accessible when first entering the property from the top drive. The area is dry and suitable for tent camping. You can park a vehicle in this area. In the summer season a bell tent will be available for ‘glamping’ (posh camping!’) It has electric points to the side of the area. The plateau is so named because of the excellent star gazing opportunities from this area with no light pollution from neighbouring towns or villages.

Maps and Plans

Sketch maps and plans of Forest Life


The spa is an important addition to the retreat.

Mill Machinery

The Mill Room contains the machinery that worked the old mill. This area is below the level of the Mill accommodation and also houses the workshop. All the workings can be seen and we are in the process of deciding how to best preserve the workings. We are also trying to ascertain the history of the Mill. More images here.

Mill House

The Mill house (Moulin Bleu or Blue Mill) is a renovated water mill. There is a rustic kitchen and living area with two upstairs bedrooms. There is a modern bathroom with shower off the first bedroom. There is a connecting door to the second (mezzanine) bedroom. This bedroom overlooks the lounge area. The Mill and its immediate grounds looks over the River Gourbillon and the relaxing sound of the water can be heard.


We are in the process of recontructing the folly. The original ruins of an outhouse have now been converted into a toilet, washroom and shower called the ‘Laverie.’ The folly will be rebuilt just underneath the plateau.