Hazards & Risks

by Pablo

Blue Stag Trans v1

The property is on a steep hill apart from the meadow and will not be suitable for people of limited mobility.

Most areas have unrestricted access to the river. The river is not deep but it is fast-flowing. Parents are advised to watch children closely.

The Limousin region is known for ticks. Keep to cultivated areas or ensure bare skin is covered and check yourself at the end of each day.

Be aware if chopping wood. Please use the modern axe only and always use a chopping block.

Be aware when using fires, BBQ areas or stoves. These are obvious hot-surface hazards which you must be aware of.

Cooking is not allowed in any tents.

When using the Mill house facilities be aware that the stairs to the upper rooms are steep and they do not have a banister.

There are Mill workings in the lounge area that come through the floor. Please be aware of these trip hazards especially in the dark.

The Mill room (through the workshop) has a drop to the right next to the water wheel. Keep well away from the edge.

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