Camping Rules

Welcome to Forest Life at the Moulin Bleu, Millevaches Nature Reserve, Nouvelle Aquitane, France. These rules are for your safety and security. Please read them carefully…

Security and Parking

Parking is normally at the top of the drive. The plateau (camping area) is for loading and unloading and camping vehicles only. Valuables are left at your own risk. Please note that Forest Life cannot accept liability for any damage to or theft of, or from any ­­­­­vehicle. Please do not take vehicles below the plateau.

General hazards

Please ensure that you slow down and walk around the camp areas, riverside and wooded areas. Some paths are uneven and most areas are steep. Paths also might contain tree roots and animal holes, which may not be obviously visible. You may also trip over covered tree debris. Low branches at eye height may also be a hazard. For wild campers, please ensure that you do not set up under dead branches or next to unstable trees. Be aware of the steep slopes in the woodland and water hazards (river) especially during the hours of darkness.

Emergency First Aid

There is a first aid box, fire blanket and extinguisher located on the plateau and in the admin bag under the parachute in the fire circle area. This is for emergency use only. If you discover an emergency situation IMMEDIATELY SHOUT FOR HELP and blow your whistle. Do not try to deal with the situation on your own. Come down to the Mill house where the owners will provide assistance.

Fires, Food & Cooking

Please keep open fires off the ground. Please also keep food covered and off the ground as wild animals frequent the area. Use the fire bowls and fire basket for fires. An open fire on the ground is only allowed in the fire circle. No naked flames or cooking in tents. Please use only dead standing wood. Wood for burning is available on request. Please book any meals at least 24 hours in advance.

Sharp Tools

You may use sharp tools at your own risk. Please see a member of staff if you wish to use an axe. Please do not cut or remove live trees or foliage unless guided by the owners.


Please place all rubbish into receptacles provided on the plateau or your own rubbish bags if wild camping. Please keep bins covered or raised off the ground. Large rubbish bins are located at Sous les Fougeres. Please ensure all food waste and grey water is disposed of away from camp areas and areas of habitation. Please ensure your camping area is cleared before leaving the site.

Hygiene & Water

Please use the toilet facilities in the Laverie opposite the Mill house. The facility has a shower, wash basin (not for washing up) and toilet. The washing machine is available on request. An outdoor camp shower is also available on request. Your water barrel contains fresh drinking water. Fresh drinking water is available from the outside tap at the far end of the Mill house.

Water hazard

The river can be fast flowing and the stones are quite slippery. Caution is advised around the river. Children should be supervised at all times.

Other advice

The area is known for ticks. In wooded areas keep arms & legs covered. Please check yourself regularly especially before retiring and use an appropriate tick removal tool. Seek advice from the owners. Please do not leave food out. All forms of wildlife including wild boar frequently visit the area. Wild campers should check the ground for insect nests before pitching tents.


Please let us know if you have any questions. We have leaflets about the local area and add-on services like massage, yoga, archery, bushcraft and tracking.  We hope you enjoy your stay.

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