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The Mill House

The Mill house (Moulin Bleu or Blue Mill) is a renovated water mill.

There is a rustic kitchen and living area with two upstairs bedrooms.

There is a modern bathroom with shower off the first bedroom. There is a connecting door to the second (mezzanine) bedroom. This bedroom overlooks the lounge area.

The Mill and its immediate grounds looks over the River Gourbillon and the relaxing sound of the water can be heard.

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The Mill room and Mill Machinery

The Mill Room contains the machinery that worked the old mill. This area is below the level of the Mill accommodation and also houses the workshop. All the workings can be seen and we are in the process of deciding how to best preserve the workings. We are also trying to ascertain the history of the Mill. More images here.

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The Meadow

The Meadow is an area of rough pasture and more than suitable for larger tents or tipis being flat and dry. The wide strip of meadow has woodland on one side and the river on the other.

There is an excellent opportunity to camp in a couple of small tents right on the rivers edge.

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The Plateau

The Plateau (or Plateau des Etoiles – Plateau of the Stars) is a large piece of level ground accessible when first entering the property from the top drive.

The area is dry and suitable for tent camping. You can park a vehicle in this area.

In the summer season a bell tent will be available for ‘glamping’ (posh camping!’) It has electric points to the side of the area.

The plateau is so named because of the excellent star gazing opportunities from this area with no light pollution from neighbouring towns or villages.

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The Riverside

The River Gourbillon runs along the side of the Mill House and extends for a quarter of a mile along the edge of the property through some woodland and alongside the meadow.

There are plenty of opportunities to view the river along this stretch and there’s some excellent camping opportunities right by the water’s edge.

The river is fast flowing but it is not too deep.

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The Mill Woods

The Mill Woods are geographically below but visually above and to the east of the Mill house. The area has number of animal trails stretching along the slightly sloping bank.

The far west of the woods (Cuckoo’s End) overlooks an area of adjoining open land where there is much wildlife activity.

The area is good for wild-camping especially for hammocks.

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Camp Fire Circle

The Camp Fire Circle is on the edge of the river and not too far away from the Mill house. The fire circle is the only area where an open fire will be allowed.

There’s enough space for quite a few people to sit around the open fire and the area can have a parachute hanging above the fire for shelter.

The area is ideal for outdoor skills tuition and provides a base-camp for courses. A parachute and associated base-camp paraphernalia is available. Rope is already in place between two sturdy trees to hang the parachute (supplied).



The wildwood comprises much of the land surrounding the property. The woodland is mostly broad-leaved beech, oak and birch with a few conifers.

Some areas are on a slope which make it suitable for hammock camping but there are a few flat areas.

The woodland has an ancient feel having been part of the Forest of Clairavaux and you soon become immersed in the peace and tranquility of the woods.

There are a number of animal trails running through parts of the wood making this areas excellent for wildlife tracking and observation. The wood extends from the lower drive eastwards to the edge of the property and down to the meadowland. It is separated by an east west path roughly in the middle of the woods.


Cuckoos End

Cuckoo’s End is a flat and level area suitable for a two tents or a large tipi. The area is on the very south edge of the property and affords views over neighbouring meadows.

The area seems to be an entry and exit point for wildlife – so make sure you don’t leave out any food!

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Woodland Walks

The property has a number of paths which we have developed as a way of showing off the best parts of the land, it’s features and its wildlife.

All the walks link up and by following the guide here it will take about 45 minutes to go around the property.

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The driveways and parking areas

In bad weather vehicles should park at the top car park just inside the entrance. The drive is about a quarter of a mile with the Plateau separating the lower third with the top. There is another car parking area and turning point at the bottom of the drive suitable for two cars. The turning point is on a slope so be aware of this in bad weather.