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Massage Therapy (various sessions available) *

Various massage packages by our qualified massage therapist, Hannah, to relieve stress and tension at our unique riverside location (by the edge of the river itself or in the Mill house studio.) Imagine relaxing to the sound of the gently flowing river while your aches and pains are eased away. Sessions from £35.

Yoga *

Join RiverLife Massage for a wonderful relaxing and refreshing yoga session by the Riverside. The beautiful trickling water will instantly relax you as you are drawn in to this gentle and ancient form of exercise.

Spa *

Our new Durasport Colorado 4 person spa has now been installed! Its use will be included in the RiverLife Retreat package otherwise this is an add-on you can’t miss! Booking essential £15 an hour.

Woodland Workout *

Sweaty gyms and lycra isn’t for us! We use our natural surroundings. The Forest IS our gym. Whatever your fitness level our ‘woodland workout’ will inspire you to greater achievements in only a couple of sessions. The sessions are led by Pablo – an ex-British Army physical training instructor – so you had better work hard!!

Archery (By hour)

Archery and archery tuition at our outdoor range. Have a couple of hours learning this ancient skill and we will soon have you hitting that bulls-eye (nearly) every time! £15 per hour.

Outdoor Skills Sessions (Half day) ^

Always wanted to learn a few survival skills as taught by Ray Mears or Bear Grylls? How about learning to light a fire without matches? That’s the easy part! Now keep the fire going! What about a few carving skills and building an outdoor natural shelter. There’s quite a few wild plants we can identify and forage for food. The forest is our classroom although we do have an outdoor learning centre at our woodland base-camp. The list of skills is endless and the education lasts a lifetime. Half day session per person £35. Family discounts apply.

Tracking (Half day) ^

How do you know what wildlife is around you when you can’t see it? Your guide, Pablo, is a tracker who has been teaching and instructing tracking for over 30 years in the UK. He says, “A walk in the woods without knowing how to track is like going to a library not knowing how to read.”  Pablo will spend half a day or even longer with you showing you how to interpret the story in the tracks and signs around the property or even further into the forest.  You will be able to set wildlife cameras at night and see the results! Half day session per person £35. Family discounts apply.

Wildlife Observation Skills (Half day) ^

A day learning how to get closer to wildlife than you ever thought possible by using advanced field-craft skills whilst remaining undetected from the wildlife. An excellent opportunity to learn from expert wildlife tracker, Pablo. Essential for wildlife enthusiasts and wildlife photographers. Half day session per person £35. Family discounts apply.

Wilderness Immersion Therapy (2 hours)

We defined shirin-yoku (forest bathing) even before it was popularised! Let nature be your healer with a proven therapeutic wilderness immersion technique. Pablo transports you to another plane by immersing you in the woods, forest and river which is abundantly available at this incredible location. More than just meditation, these techniques will enhance your senses and make you more aware of your self-being. You will finish the session relaxed, refreshed, reinvigorated and ready… for the rest of your life! £45 per person.

Backwoods cooking skills (half day) ^

Learn how to prepare and cook food (includes skinning and preparing game meat) hygienically and safely in the outdoors over an open fire. Includes a fabulous game meal, which you have helped prepare and cook yourself. Half day session per person £35 with meal. Family discounts apply. (Subject to availability.)


The fire-circle provides an opportunity to chill-out under our parachute canopy for the evening (or during the day) and take in the sound of the river flowing right next to it. Light the fire (or we will do it for you) put the kettle on the pot hook for a cuppa, roast marsh mellows or maybe try a bushcraft project. 

Guided walks (up to half day)

Various local excursions and guided walks lasting from one hour to half a day. These guided walks are nature inspired and take in local views, history and nature. How’s about a view of the local volcanoes, a local forest walk or a quick speed walk around our property doing a few nature inspired exercises on our woodland fitness trail! The walks last from one hour to half a day. We can recommend a walk based on your interest, fitness and schedule. 

Mill Room Machinery

Have a quick tour of the original old mill workings and imagine how this ancient water mill would have worked and made it’s produce for the local French community. £Donations (to assist in preservation)


Treat yourself to a home-cooked meal by our excellent chef, Hannah, in the wonderful and rustic Mill House building or a BBQ on the plateau (shown.) Breakfast £6-50 per person; 2 course meal £28 per person. We will require 24 hours notice. Please book on arrival.

Romantic Surprise Box

How about treating your partner to a fantastic Romantic Box which will be ready for you on your arrival? A bottle of Champagne, flowers and chocolates are all included in the box. 

Quad Adventure

Hop on the back of our awesome Canam 1000 XTP quad for an adventure along the forest tracks and trails sorrounding our property. We promise not to go too fast – but you may get muddy!

* Included in RiverLife Retreat package

^ Included in Forest Life Courses package

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