About our Logo

Blue Stag Trans v1

Our simple Blue Stag denotes the forest setting of Forest Life and its abundant wildlife.

The stag is a red deer stag that can be seen in and around the property. The colour blue denotes the river which flows through the property.

Forest Life logo dark trans v4

Our alternative logo is a combination of symbols and text as opposed to an image-style logo.

The arrow represents the ‘trackers arrow’ present in many communities and tribes around the world that use tracking to get closer to their quarry for whatever reason. The arrow points forward, towards the target, quarry or objective.

The cross represents the Croix de Lorraine (Cross of Lorraine) that symbolised Free France during the German occupation in WWII (see more on wikipedia.) A lot of resistance activity was centred in the forests of the Limousin where Forest Life is located.

The three lines represent the if and only if connective (also called material equivilence in logic.) But it should be just taken literally with the statement hanging in the air for the observer to contemplate and eventually decide on a course of action.

It also symbolises the earth moving into the wavy lines representing the river that flows through the property. The text and lines interchange in colour to represent the ease of how wildlife use both these resources to survive.