Forest Life Walks

by Pablo

Forest Life Walks v2 (2)

Local walks in and around the property

Local Walks

Mill Walk (pdf)

This short circular walk will take you just outside of the property on a forest track then on to the local road ending up at the main entrance to the property

Forest Walk (pdf)

This walk will take you up to Lascaux-Maury then on to a good track through the Forest of Clairaveaux

ForestLife Tour

This walk within the property lasts about 45 mins. For best results follow this guide and take the map above.


Mill Woods Walk

Turn right out of the Mill House and follow the path to Cuckoo’s End. You will see the river on the right and the Isthmus created by the Old Leat which used to bring the river water under the Mill which drove the Mill wheel.

The fence is the eastern most boundary of the property and you can see blue painted signs in the distance where the old track used to run up to the village. Look over the field and you may see some Roe or Red Deer browsing on the edge of the woods. Cuckoos End sees a lot of wildlife activity with Stone/Pine Marten, Badger and Fox crossing the boundary and of course Cuckoos in the spring.

Turn left at the end and follow the path up and to the left. You will see some trees which have blue string tied around them. Follow this route. Look up to the right and you will see a fallen trunk with grass on it. The is the ‘Couch’ – a nice sit spot.

The path leads up and follows the fence line. Keep the fence line to your right. When you see a piece of string dangling from a tree you can bear left and follow the trail to the lower car park. But for now keep going until you see a second piece of string. Here you can bear left down to the Lascaux-Maury path. To carry on the complete walk follow the trail up and to the right and you will end up on a steep rise to the Plateau.


The Driveway

Have a rest at the Plateau and then follow the upper driveway to the very top. The track is a haven for wildlife and is used by Fox, Marten, Badger and Deer. Boar hair has been seen on the barbed wire around here. In frost or snow you will see many footprints of these animals. At the top there is a rewarding view across the valley looking North. You may see lots of Jays flying low into the conifers. Buzzards, Black Kite, and Kestrels may also be seen flying over the property. After a break at the top make your way back down the upper drive.

Follow the track down past the Plateau until you reach the track that leads to Lascaux-Maury. Turn left here (not right to Lascaux-Maury) at the ‘Defence Entree’ sign and make your way up through the Mill Woods until you get to the piece of string hanging in the tree again. Bear right here and follow the blue string down to the lower car park.


Gnarly Path

Go through the lower car park and head down the wide track towards the meadow. At the bottom you can turn left to the Fire Circle or straight on and right for the Meadow, but for now turn right and keep the slope of the hill to your immediate right along the Gnarly path. The path is littered with fallen trees and logs covered with wonderful moss. It is accessible but you may have to clamber over a few stumps and logs. The slope up to the Wildwoods is on your right. Along the path you will see a cut throughs on the left, firstly, to the ‘Don’t Know Tree’ and then to Riverside Camp. For now, carry on until you get to the end of the path.


Meadow Walk

At the end of the path bear left and left again and find the entry point (blue string) into White Heart Woods. You can follow the trail through the middle of these young woods keeping the river to your right. You should exit the woods into the meadow and then follow the trail through the middle of the meadow. After 30 meters or so you can turn right to Riverside Camp, which is an excellent camping area and sit spot by the river. Carry straight on and bear right around the ‘Don’t Know Tree’. Any ideas why it’s called this? Just after this you will see a nice hammocking area on the right.

Bear slightly left and to the left you will see the sloping track up to the lower car park again. For now, bear right and follow the track to the Fire Circle. Take a break at one of the logs at the Fire Circle. This is where we do our courses and makes for a good sit spot. There are flat camping spaces around the Fire Circle.


Riverside Walk

Follow the path to the left of the Fire Circle and you will see a steep slope up to the Mill House. For now, turn back on yourself and, keeping the river to your immediate left, follow the trail along the edge of the river. Before you start off, have a seat on the log by the river’s edge and take in the movement of the river.

Pick your way along the river’s edge. You may have to clamber over a few logs and fallen trees. Be a little careful as the logs may be slippery. There are some great sit spots along the way. Look to the right after about 100m and you will see an area to the right that affords a good camping spot.

Look at the edges of the river as you go along. When the river is low, the sandy areas will show animal footprints. You will see Coypu, Fox, Rat, Mice and Roe deer tracks and the occasional Badger.

After about 250m you will come across Riverside Camp. This is a great area to take in the river and its wildlife. The deeper and more shaded areas of the river will have Brown Trout lurking in the shadows.

Carry straight on and you will come to White Heart Woods on your right. Pick your way through this area and turn right at Land’s End, the western-most part of the property. You should be at the back of White Heart Woods. Make your way to the end of the Gnarly Path and turn right to go back up the Gnarly Path but only as far as the Riverside turning. Look to the left and you will find a rope… and a very steep slope!

If you feel fit and are up for a bit of scrambling, climb up the slope otherwise carry straight on the Gnarly Path and up to slope to the lower car park and back to the Mill House.


Use the rope to help you up the steep slope keeping the boundary fence to your immediate left. About half way up you will find a low chair-shaped tree called ‘The Throne’. Have a rest here and take in the Wildwoods to your left and the area of the meadow below you.

You are welcome to explore the Wildwoods and you will see deer activity including faint trails, fewmets (deer pellets) and deer couches where they have laid down to rest. Follow the track up the slope until you get to the Lascaux-Maury path. Bear left if you want to follow the Mill Walk (described later) or turn right towards the Mill House to end your walk.

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